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To understand why keep your drivers updated is important, you need to know what are drivers and what can they do.

The answer is simple. Windows need device drivers to communicate with hardware devices. Without drivers, your system can not speak to devices, such as video card, audio card. Drivers are the bridge between OS and hardware. they are essential to keep computer working well.

Traditional drivers are more like hardwares, but nowadays they have more and more features. For example, video drivers usually includes a control utility, in which you can adjust screen resolution, colors.

So, why we need keep drivers up to date? it's the same reason that we need keep Windows system and softwares updated. Generally the latest drivers includes these merits:

1. Fix the bugs in the earlier version

2. Improve performance, so the hardwares can work faster and steadier.

3. Add more features. You may discover new functions which do not exist in old drivers.

If your computer is experiencing some troubles, the first thing to do is to make sure there is no unknown devices in your driver manager and all of your drivers is updated. Driver issues caused by old drivers always are very hard to track down and you certainly do not want waste time on that.

Windows can not find the latest drivers for you automatically, and find the latest drivers manually can be frustrating and time-consuming; If you installed a wrong driver, your system may crush. So you may want to do it in the software way. There is a program so called DriverToolkit which can find drivers for you easily. It may not be perfect, but definitely will do the job for you. If you want give it a try, you can download it Here.